2000 Test results on the prototype aerodynamic model of the ANSARI X PRIZE system have been very encouraging.  Landing speed is likely to be in the range the analysis predicted.

2003 Tests of the Xprize propulsion test resulted in two successful firings of the engine.  However, overheating of the servicing line for the oxygen caused it rupture and result in significant damage to the system.

2007 Negotiations with NASA Stennis were successful and a very good run was experienced.  However, a significant problem with leaking in the oxygen system terminated the tests there.

2008 The third tests of the Advent engine was performed locally and experienced problems with ignition delays.

2010 Test problems have produced a need for appropriate test facilities.  The main issue is the funding that is required.  Recent announcements regarding government support of commercial space efforts is encouraging.  Hopefully we will be able to work again with NASA’s Stennis organization.

2011 The engine prototype for the first Advent vehicle is mounted on the test stand and is ready for test. Operation in commercially available facilities is very expensive. Hopefully there will soon be sufficient support for the required series of tests.