The initial Advent system was tailored to meet the Xprize requirements and received significant contributions from a range of companies and individuals. They have supported our quest to design, build and test a cost-efficient launch system for safe and reliable delivery to and from earth orbit.

Tri-Gas Company has worked closely with Advent to provide guidance in efficient use of cryogenic fluids.

RC Technical Welding and Fabrication has provided top-notch welding and fabrication services, as well as facility space and the crane necessary for handling the prototype vehicle. They fabricate titanium and many other exotic materials.

Firestone Cryogenics has provided the storage tanks for the propellants and the required liquid nitrogen tank for thermal conditioning.

Revak Turbomachinery Services has supported Advent with technical advice and plans to support the system assembly and checkout. Mr. Revak has a very wide variety of talented individuals and a facility that can handle the Advent systems.

The Gertson family, located just west of East Bernard Texas, provided the site for tests of the X Prize propulsion System.  The Wicke brothers provided a lot of help in setting up the test system in a very large rice field.

NASA, at Stennis Test Facility in Mississippi, verified their new system for testing methane fueled engines using the second Advent engine that was built for the Xprize system.  Their facilities are very impressive.

Mr. Joe Wilburn provided a test site on a portion of the old Blimp Facility located just west of Texas City, Texas.

Each of these organizations/individuals are partial owners of Advent Launch Systems in proportion to the value of their participation.