Jim Akkerman, President
Jim Akkerman is the president of Advent Launch Services, and the person primarily responsible for the Advent concept. Jim’s career at NASA began in 1962 in the Propulsion and Power Division at the NASA Johnson Manned Spacecraft Center. Before his retirement in 1999, Jim had been responsible for engineering work in propulsion, orbit maneuvering systems, reaction control systems, space station concept definition, solar power satellites, high altitude airplane engines, electric flight control systems, propulsive landing deceleration systems and many non-aerospace items such as the left ventricle assist blood pump for Dr. DeBakley.

Charlie Stamps, Manager and Vice President
Charley Stamps is Advent’s administration and contracts specialist. Charley has supported the development of many NASA innovations including the current space suit, the moon TV cameras and several life support systems.

Neil Akkerman, Ocean Operations
Frank Elam, Legal
Cynthia Price, Public Relations
Lynn Revak, Ground System Operations and vehicle assembly
Bill Shaver, Accounting
Bob Williams, Test
Raul Cordona, Vehicle Fabrication

These Team Members have provided significant contributions to the Advent concept. The value of their time and effort is accounted for in terms of their partial ownership of Advent Launch Services. They continue to be team members and provide help as needed. However, they are not “employees” in the typical sense of the word. Advent Launch Services is continuing to search for financial support. Hopefully there will be a new Team Member that can provide the facilities and support operations that are required.