The employees of Advent Launch Services are bound together by a common passion-to revolutionize space activities with safe, low-cost transportation to and from Earth orbit.

We chose the name Advent because our concept represents a new beginning for space travel. We believe that creating a low-cost, reliable delivery system will lead to more commercially viable space programs. Minimizing the cost to deliver people and equipment to orbit will greatly expand our abilities to explore the full potential of space-from hotels and space tourism, to placement or removal of satellites to the construction of solar energy satellites for meeting the world’s ever-increasing energy demands and ultimately to exploration in deep space.

That’s why our innovative concept is being carefully designed and constructed to minimize payload delivery costs. By utilizing comprehensive cost/performance modeling techniques, we have been able to minimize the entire system cost, including the facilities to support repeated daily flights. Orbit delivery can approach the same cost as intercontinental delivery by aircraft as Von Braun predicted back in November 1968.